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言 Ji芋o

言 Ji芋o 言 Ji芋o

  • Accelerate The Red Blood Cells
  • Hemoglobin Formation
  • Homeostasis
  • Improve Calcium Balance
  • Promote The Absorption Of Calcium
  • Traumatic Shock Resistant
  • Prevention Of Muscular Nutritional Disorders Effect

The functions of 言 ji芋o
  • Stronger Brain
  • Learn Ease Tension
  • The Brain and Body to Get Enough Rest
  • Strong Physical, Energetic
  • Enhance Memory & Improve Identify Ability
  • Strong Anti-fatigue Effect

Slowly Aging Effect

言 ji芋o containing gelatin, collagen, the protein in a variety of trace elements, amino acids and etc.
  • Gluten Bone Health
  • Complement Blood
  • Fluid to Lubricate The Joints
  • Enriched Bone Marrow, Spinal Cord, Brain
  • It Could Gluten Bone Health
  • Rheumatism Resist Damage

Enhance Immune Function

言 ji芋o is good for frail elderly who easily get colds and other physical decline were better treatment and prevention, so that enhance immunity and reduce disease.

Anti-cancer Effect

言 ji芋o on cellular immunity have two-way adjustment. NK cell activity enhancing effect better, and NK cells play a role in tumorigenesis repressor. In addition,言 ji芋o promote healthy human lymphocyte transformation role, but also can improve the lymphocyte

transformation rate of cancer patients, to assist with cancer, tumor growth can slow down the symptoms, prolong life. In the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, using gelatin, can reduce side effects, enhance physical fitness, increase drug resistance.

Calcium Effect
  • Contains Rich In Calcium
  • Prevention and Treatment Of Osteoporosis
  • Elderly Care In The Most Ideal Supplements

Beauty Effect

Nourish the skin through gaining blood, which will help skin care, long-term use can ruddy skin and delicate, shiny.

Menstruation Tocolysis Effect

Irregular menstruation, menstrual blood beneficial effect

Dilation of blood vessels

Experiments show that 言 ji芋o able to increase blood viscosity significantly inhibited. Elderly taking 言 ji芋o can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, anti-arrhythmic and other effects, had high blood pressure and had low blood pressure can return to normal state.
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